Saturday, April 19, 2014

BabyChet Website Up

Well I forgotten to post this awhile ago but my baby crocheting website "Baby Chet" is finally up and running.  So I welcome you all to come visit the website and see what you think of it.  I am open to some comments and any questions.    I am very excited with the website and always looking for ways to make the website better.

I am also thinking of working on a monthly show about crocheting and techniques and stuff.  I am wondering if there are crocheting friends out there on google plus.

Camo Hugs and kisses with Baby booties

I got a call from a friend of mine and he wanted me to crochet him baby blanket.  We discussed what patterns and submitted him some patterns he may be interested in.  We went through them together and finally chosen a blanket for his 3 month old nephew.  He placed a deposit for the blanket which gave me some of the materials to start the blanket.

We discussed on colors for the blanket and came up with camouflage.  He told me that his sister would love it.  I had finally finished with the blanket and by that time he was looking for the blanket.  I told him that I was finished with it and have some left over material.  So I made his nephew some booties, which I hope will fit his little feet.  I also bought baby wrapping paper to wrap it with a note and enclosed my Facebook crocheting page.

Just Afghans Facebook Page