Monday, June 11, 2012

Katie's Bag

I have an online friend on youtube and she is always sending her friends out gifts like postcards, magnets, and so on.  She is such a sweet person that I decided that I would think of something nice for her to do.

Yep, I decided to make her a purse from one of my books.  It was something that I kept looking at but wasn't sure if I would ever make one but i did.  As you could see they were made with a bunch of granny squares.

After I finished with the bag, There was a lot of holes in side of the bag that could fall out from the bag so I decided to use one of my old fabrics and start sewing up to make it more presentable.  

She really loves it.  Its something that she never had someone do for her.  I am glad she enjoys it and I'm sure she would use it for something useful.

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